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Most of your Personal Risk Insurances can be structured inside and outside of superannuation.

When you are healthy and active, it is easy to take your financial future for granted. But you only have to know someone who has been affected by serious illness or injury to realize how difficult the situation can become.

No matter what measures are taken to lead to a healthy lifestyle, good health and a long life are clearly not a guarantee.

Take a look at the insurance options available to secure your financial future and talk to us here at Wealth Edge Financial Services to work out the best possible insurance options for you and your family.

For many people, once all their other essential day-to-day bills are paid, there can be little left over to pay the insurance premiums. If you are in this situation, rather than risking going without insurance, insuring through super offers a potential solution.

Furthermore, there are a range of tax advantages that generally are not available when insuring outside super.

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